Navigene Corporate Profile

Navigene is a company undertaking screening, diagnosis and research in Metabolomics along with helping laboratories and institutions across the world to implement its unique services.

Navigene strives for early and accurate prediction/diagnosis of disorders and ailments, through Preventive Genetic Screening solution for newborns, children and adults.

Navigene’s services in the segment are unique, robust, are made available at a very affordable price and implementable at a mass scale. The solutions offered by Navigene are highly customized and tailored to the need of the hospitals/labs/institutions/Clients/ Regions

Navigene’s Flagship product NAVIGENE BABY SCREEN through its innovative and unique technology, screens the New born babies for 110 genetic and metabolic disorders as early as 3rd day of life using just a urine sample collected on a special filter paper. It is one of the most comprehensive screening tests in the world.

Navigene takes pride in being the first Indian company in the field of genetics and metabolomics to have exported its revolutionary technology and established a fully functional world class facility outside India catering to the entire south East Asia.

Navigene has successfully developed a unique model for overseas expansion and service delivery, this model enables Navigene to quickly roll out its services in association with strategic partner/laboratories in various countries and regions. This model has been successfully tested and deployed in our Joint Venture association in Hong Kong.

Our Scientific team and technologies

Highly experienced and hands on team, with 20+ years of experience in the field of genetic screening and diagnosis. Personnel at Navigene have experience of analyzing more than 50000 cases of genetic disorders and diagnosing rarest of rare disorders. We also have a genetic counselor, certified by Govt of India with wide expertise and highly regarded in the fraternity.
          Newborn Screening & Diagnostics.
          Prenatal Screening & Diagnostics.
          Cytogenetic & Molecular diagnostics.

Navigene uses the latest technologies, equipments, reagents and other paraphernalia in the field. The equipments are sourced from the best institutions of the world and meet highest quality standards like F.D.A. – U.S.A, such as Shimadzu Corporation (Japan) and Bio-Rad laboratories ( USA).

Certification and Quality Initiatives – Process:
          Navigene is ISO certified and complies to 6-Sigma practices.
          Navigene has registered and cleared several international quality assurance programs like:
                 ERNDIM from Organic Acid analysis 2013.
                 EQA program by Preventive Medicine Foundation, Taiwan for DBS analysis.
                CDC Atlantas quality control programme.
                NABL accreditation ( INDIA) 100% NABL compliance ensured; application process started.

Presence and Partners

Navigene works out of a central global standard laboratory in Mumbai, and has a sales presence across India. Navigene works with Corporate hospitals, Birthing centers, top pediatricians, High end IVF & Genetic clinics.

Navigene also has presence in Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore through its JV with Cordlife sciences Pvt Ltd, these services are available under the brand Metascreen (

We also have a strategic partner in Bangladesh and the services can be availed through them in the region (

Press Release

Navigene has found mention in many quarters for the niche space that it is in, for its revolutionary non-invasive technique in the New Born Screening space. It is a welcome option vis a vis the long running invasive blood spot via heel prick for the new born that caused a lot of trauma to the infant and parents in the past.

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